Taiysha - Dance Where We Want (Album)

Release date: September 1, 2018

Artist Information

Label: MLX Records
Genre: Soul / Jazz/ Hip Hop
Hometown: Bronx, New York
Influences: Ella Fitzgerald



Taiysha - Producer, Songwriter, Engineer and Vocalist, has a very unique sound. To describe it would be to include the overtones of Eartha Kitt, the powerful verbrato of Stephanie Mills all combined with the relaxed phrasing of Billie Holiday.

Taiysha's debut album: Dance where we want, is a whimsical, daunting tale of people's right to dance. This animated composition embodies many parallels to real life and invites the listener to acknowledge a host of challenging issues.  Seamlessly incorporating a hodgepodge of musical genres  such as soul, latin jazz, drum and bass, r&b and hip hop, Dance where we want is sure to appeal to mature and younger audiences in the states and internationally.

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